Candles that elevate and transforms the ambiance of every room.

Proprietary coconut wax blend.


I ordered this candle because I LOVE OUD! It’s a strong woody smell I like. The packaging was also really nice, and I received the order on time 😊

Jess Leal

These scented candles have the best fragrances. I will definitely buy more!

Molly Joseph

Both the velvet oud and sparkling rosé burn so clean with very strong fragrances that linger long after burning. I am very pleasantly surprised.


The sparkling rosé makes my room smell like pink lemonade. It is now my favorite candle.


About us

Our mission at Halola is to create candles that spark joy and positivity. Each candle is made with the intention of elevating the ambiance, of our surroundings through fragrance.

Halola is a woman owned business created from a need of high quality and toxin free fragrance candles.

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No Toxins

No animal testing, candles are phthalates, parabens, and sulfate-free, 100% unbleached cotton wicks.

Poured in the USA

Our candles are lovingly hand poured in the USA.

Made on Standards

We do not compromise on quality. Halola candles are made from unparalleled fragrance integrity.We adhere to the highest quality and regulatory standards.